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Labor 2018 program 



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marion county gotv program 

In 2014, Joe Donnelly won Marion County by 120,000 votes. We need all hands on deck in Central Indiana to get him re-elected to the U.S. Senate so he can continue to fight for working families. CLICK HERE to sign up for a shift so you can do your part in getting out the vote for worker friendly candidates! 

Central indiana afl-cio Endorsed candidates

The Central Indiana AFL-CIO is made up of union members who are engaged in the political process and actively working to ensure organized labor has a voice in local government. In September, the body made formal endorsements of the following candidates based on their positions on labor issues: 

County-wide Seats

- Kerry Forestal, Sheriff
- Terry Curry, Prosecutor 
- Kate Sweeney-Bell, Recorder
- Myla Eldridge, Clerk
- Joseph O'Connor, Assessor 
- Julie Voorhies, Auditor 

County-wide Judges

- Linda Brown, Judge
- John Chavis, Judge
- Steven Eichholtz, Judge
- John Hanley, Judge
- Grant Hawkins, Judge 
- Jose Salinas, Judge
- Mark Stoner, Judge
- Heather Welch, Judge 

Township Seats

Center Township: 
- Eugene Akers, Trustee
- Tony Duncan, Constable
- Brenda Roper, Judge

Lawrence Township:
- Michael Reeves, Trustee
- Terry Burns, Constable 
- Kim Bacon, Judge

Wayne Township: 
- Chuck Jones, Trustee
- Kevin Kelly, Constable 
- Gerald Coleman, Judge 

Warren Township: 
- Vernon Brown, Trustee
- Garland Graves, Judge 

Washington Township: 
- Frank Short, Trustee
- Steven Poore, Judge 
- Steve Miller, Constable 

Pike Township: 
- Joe Turner, Constable
- Doug Stephens, Judge 

School Board: 
- Susan Coons Collins, IPS At Large
- Brandon Bowman, Wayne Township 

Northeast indiana afl-cio endorsed candidates 

Allen County Seats

- Carol Griffin, Township Trustee
- Sharon Tucker, County Council 
- Grant Walmer, County Council 
- Melissa Rinehart, Township Trustee
- Ben Shoch, County Council 
- Lisa Williams Gill, Township Trustee 

LaGrange County Seats 

- Daniel Gould, County Council 
- Dean Demer, Town Council